About Us



Mr Kok is a proudly South African online store with a difference.  Founded by Willem Kok, a local South African, who grew up in the small town of Kroonstad in the Free State.

From a very young age Willem has started small businesses and built them up to be very successful.  At the young age of only 7, Willem started his first business, which was a lawn mowing business where he built up and repaired lawn mowers and also mowed lawns in town. This business became so successful that he was able to pay his own school fees all through Primary and High School and even employ a few of his friends as well.

Willem believes in having a business that makes a difference in the community.  Mr Kok online, is just that, and online contractor store, where the consumer’s convenience comes first Mr Kok online is the first online store of its kind, that supplies from the local plumber to large contractor companies. By going onto the app or website you can order everything you need for your next few jobs or contracts and have it delivered to the site within 72 hours.

Mr Kok has a few well known and trusted brand names on board all ready, such as, Kwikot, Maksal and Jo- Jo and are looking to sign on many more superior quality brand names in the near future.

Vision & Mission

Mr Kok online’s vision and mission are essentially integrated. We put consumer convenience first. We are the first online store of its kind and we guarantee that there is nothing we cannot source for your building, plumbing and contracting needs.